SkateBIRD Official Video Game Soundtrack

by Madsen Studios LLC

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Pantone Tone 02:38
Bird Bath 03:07
Strut 03:07
The Heron 02:37
Bird Moms 02:49
Blue Streak 02:41
Vincey's POV 02:45
Dour Matt 03:11


This is the official soundtrack for SkateBIRD, developed and published by Glass Bottom Games. When Megan Fox, the lead designer and studio owner, approached me about a new prototype idea she had of a skateboarding bird I was MORE than intrigued.

Like many, I played plenty of skateboarding themed video games in the 2000's and enjoyed them a ton. Skateboarding games are often edgy, with hard hitting or aggressive soundtracks to boot. SkateBIRD is just the opposite of this. We wanted a game that focused on creating a chill, fun vibe that allowed the players to experiment, try over and over and explore.

The game is full of hilarious, quirky moments and the first time I saw the bird flap its wings while soaring on a skateboard... I was hooked. Combine this with the fact that you can customize your birb's appearance - well - this game was turning into something special. On top of all of this, the settings of a bedroom, kitchen (complete with greasy, left over pizza box) and other locales were interesting, unique and added a whole new level of immersion. This game was gonna be special.

Megan and I have always tried to create games that were a bit different and that includes the soundtrack. Chiptune mixed with dubstep for Jones on Fire, Chiptune inspired Noir Jazz in Hot Tin Roof. Chiptune infused punk rock with Spartan Fist. Our original ideas still had chip tune elements mixed in but we quickly began to appreciate the low fi texture and how it fit the "chill but do your best" vibe of SkateBIRD.

We spent several months working on various concepts and trying to get the balance right. Being a classically trained composer, I'm very used to starting with a completely blank page. The genre and style we wanted for SkateBIRD was something a DJ or electronic musician would do with samples and loops. The challenge here was finding a way to make all of these different sources blend and feel like they all fit within the SkateBIRD universe. Within the SkateBIRD sound. I went to several spots for source sounds: ADSR, Output's Arcade, Splice and others. I also created my own loops, created my own sampled instruments as well as hired two of my friends: Adam Gill for electric bass and John Robert Matz for trumpet.

Over time the sound of SkateBIRD solidified as I took these disparate sources and edited as well as mangled them through various plug-ins. The cherry on the top was creating custom samples of various birds (both living or past on) from various friends and fans of the game. These birbs are now immortalized in the OST - which is just a neat and heartwarming touch.

SkateBIRD is the most unique soundtrack I've made to date. I've grown a ton by working on each of these songs and had a complete blast. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did producing it. Thanks for listening.


released June 11, 2021

Nathan Madsen - Composer, Producer, Mixer, Mastering Engineer
Adam Gill - Electric Bass on Strut and Bird Bath
John Robert Matz - Trumpet on Growing Up Red Tails


Jenny Romanchuk’s Pantone - Pantone Tone, Growing Up Red Tails
Dominic Screm Song - Dominic's Skate Camp
Atlas BeatBoxing Audition Tape - Atlas' Gospel
Sophie (the Magpie) - Sophie and the Black Birds
Max Wolf Whistle from Steven and His Flock - Vicey's POV
Late Avi from Steven and His Flock - Jodei's Encouragement


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Madsen Studios LLC Austin, Texas

Nate is a composer/sound designer who's been active in video game, film and other multimedia audio production since 2005. He loves basketball, good books, long walks on the beach and chocolate. He currently lives in Austin, TX. Need audio? Madsen Studios LLC can help! ... more

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